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Walk INs

We will announce on Instagram when we are taking walk-ins.

Follow us on Instagram for announcements

Please know that when you come in for a walk-in tattoo, you will most likely have a wait time. Sometimes this can be a long time, as tattoos take a while to draw, prepare, and perform. 

If you don't like to wait, please feel welcome to make an appointment.

Additionally, some designs are not always suitable for walk-ins. These can include but are not limited to very large designs, designs that need lots of time to design, and difficult locations. The artist may offer to set up an appointment with you at a later date so they can have more time to prepare.

The best walk-in tattoos are small, simple, and quick to do. 

Most artists have prepared flash to choose from.

We encourage artists to create tattoos in their style, so please bring inspiration, but be prepared for your artist to design something like your idea in their style.

Please know each artist reserves the right to decline any request.



Just like artists in any genre, each tattoo artist has a style of their own. 

We encourage artists to constantly explore, develop, and build on their own style. 

Each of our artist has their own distinct style.

Please take time to review your artist's portfolio before your tattoo.

If your preferred artist isn't available for a walk-in, please reach out to them to schedule an appointment.


Each artists set their own pricing. 

They may charge per piece or by the hour. 

You might get a price range. 

Artists vary in terms of style, technique, speed, years of experience, and preferred inventory. These variables and more go into the pricing of your tattoo. 

The best thing to do, if you are on a budget, is to let your artist know up front what your budget is.

Your artist can let you know if your price range is reasonable for them.

If your tattoo is out of your budget, you have a few options:

  • You can split a large, expensive tattoo into multiple less expensive sessions (line-work, shading, color) or (piecing concepts little by little).

  • Your artist may able to draw something similar with your budget in mind.

  • You can get something in-budget now, and save up for that out-of-budget tattoo.

If an artist gives you a price that is out of your budget, please don't:

  • Haggle

  • Give them a lower quote you got from another shop

  • Tell them you can get it cheaper somewhere else

  • Have an attitude

  • Insult the artist

We will ask you to leave. 

We try really hard to make our prices reasonable. Our livelihood depends on it. But, tattoos can be expensive. Our inventory definitely is, and we spend a lot of time on creating a great product - one that will likely be with you for the rest of your life. We hope you love and value your art as much as we do. ♡



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