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Speakeasy Tattoo is an ultra-clean environment all year round; it’s in the nature of our business that hygiene is always paramount! We clean rigorously and use single use sterile products when we have the option.

That being said, we are putting some extra hygiene measures into place to protect our artists and customers!

Correct use of a mask (coverage over the nose and mouth) is required by all clients and artists at all times in the shop.

If you are feeling unwell prior to your appointment PLEASE let us know. We are more flexible with last-minute rescheduling right now. A change to your appointment date is fine, but cancelling last minute will means your deposit will need to be paid again. 

If you turn up to your tattoo appointment unwell, we will not tattoo you, and you will not get your deposit back.

When you arrive at the shop:

Your mask will be required to stay on correctly at all times in the shop. 

Check the box below to indicate that you understand all of our new COVID-19 measures above and that you agree to comply:

Speakeasy Tattoo is a private, appointment only, tattoo shop.

PLEASE NOTE: This consultation document is used to give the artist everything they need to know about your design and secure a drawing deposit for your design. 

Cydney or a Consultation Manager will reach out to you to within 24 hours schedule to your tattoo.

Check the box below to indicate that you understand the purpose of this form and that you will be contacted to schedule your appointment:


To secure a booking, we require a $100 drawing deposit.

Cydney will reach out to you after reviewing this form to collect the deposit when you schedule your tattoo.


Deposits are non-refundable, but usually go toward the price of your tattoo.


Please read below in full for any exceptions, as you will be expected to know our policies upon agreeing to understanding the terms.

Be aware that a deposit is required to hold any scheduled drawing time and is a part of compensating the artist for the time they spend researching, designing, and drawing for you. Our artists are not obligated to design anything without a deposit, and are, in fact, encouraged not to design without a deposit.


Check the box below indicating that you have read, understand, and fully agree to each item above.


Cydney requires 72 hours notice to change the time/day of your appointment.


Changes to appointments must be made via instagram message to @cydneybergdorf or email to

If you cancel with less than 72 hours notice or no-show, you forfeit your deposit and you will need to pay in full and in advance for any subsequent appointments.


Check the box below indicating that you have read, understand, and fully agree to each item above.


In order to protect her art, Cydney prefers not to send drawings over email, text, facebook, or instagram. If you would like to come in ahead of time to view your design you can arrange this via instagram message to @cydneybergdorf or email to

Please understand that these sketches take time; artists often spend hours doing research prior to starting and usually do numerous sketches before they even show you anything. Please be patient while they prepare your commissioned art. We will do our best to communicate the status of your drawing. Please keep in mind: good art takes time. 

Additional costs may be incurred to compensate the artist for design time if elements of the design are added to, subtracted from, or otherwise changed beyond 2 simple changes after your initial consultation. Please read below for more information regarding additional costs with deposits.

An additional charge might be required as a Drawing Fee based on: The type of artwork commissioned, number of drawing days and length of time frame, and/or numerous changes requested, and is completely up to the artist's discretion.


You are generally allowed no more than 2 simple changes to the artwork before another consultation is required to discuss changes in-depth and an additional deposit will be required.


If you have any questions about this, please email

Any and all design changes to your design must be submitted no less than 72 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to comply will result in rescheduling and an additional consultation fee. The previous deposit consultation fee will not be refunded.

If you change your mind less than 72 hours to your appointment and want a completely different design, you will be required to submit another consultation form along with another deposit. Your appointment will most likely have to be rescheduled. 

If your artist has already completed your original design, regardless of the time relative to your appointment, and you want to change major design elements or the entire concept all together, you will be required to submit another consultation form along with another deposit with no refund for the previous deposit.

Please contact your artist right away if you change your mind about your tattoo design. We know tattoos are permanent and we want you to give you exactly what you want, so you love it forever!


We just need the appropriate time to adjust for the changes. 

If you have any questions about changes, please email us at





All artwork produced as part of the drawing process is © (Copyrighted and remains the property of) Speakeasy Tattoo LLC and the artist that created/designed it unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. All rights reserved. A client may not reproduce or share any artwork or sketches produced by an artist unless agreed upon in writing. Using artwork without permission is a crime, and will be dealt with appropriately, including prosecution for theft of services. The artwork does not belong to the client, and cannot be used in any way outside of the shop, unless agreed upon by both parties in writing prior to its use. The deposit for the drawing/design and the price a client pays for the drawing/design is for the artists time working to create an original design. It is not a payment for a final design. Some designs take more time than others, therefore can cost more than others. Money spent on a tattoo is for the ink in skin (and other supplies) and the skill and time of the artist who performs the tattoo, never for rights for a client or otherwise to do anything with the design outside of the shop. Arrangements can be made if a client would like to commission art from an artist for their own personal or professional use. Please email us or reach out to a specific artist to get a quote.

Please keep in mind that we are working on numerous drawings for many clients at any given time. We don’t like to rush anyone’s art! Drawings/Designs for tattoos that are scheduled take precedence over those that haven't scheduled an actual date.


If you have not scheduled an actual tattoo date/time with your artist or our Consultation Manager, no artist will be working on your artwork. Please keep an eye out for a text or email from our Consultation Manager in order to ensure timely scheduling.


Check the box below indicating that you have read, understand, and fully agree to each item above.

Please double check that you were thorough and specific in your description of your requested design to prevent any miscommunication or confusion.


Any holes in the design description may be filled in at the artist's discretion.


Check the box below indicating that you are positive this form details exactly what you want and that you understand that the artist will interpret your request based on their individual style.

Preferred Days and Times (Check all that apply)

Thanks for your submission! Cydney will reach out to you as soon as possible.