COVID-19 Guidelines

Speakeasy Tattoo is an ultra-clean environment all year round;

it’s in the nature of our business that hygiene is always paramount!


We clean rigorously and use single-use sterile products when we have the option.

That being said, we are putting some extra hygiene measures into place to protect our artists and customers!

Correct use of a mask (coverage over the nose and mouth) is still required of all clients and artists at all times in the shop. Contact Us if you witness any violations. 

If you are feeling unwell prior to your appointment PLEASE let us know. We are more flexible with last-minute rescheduling right now. A change to your appointment date is fine, but cancelling last minute will mean you will lose your deposit and the artist is free to withhold rescheduling or require you to pay up front and in full before rescheduling. 

If you turn up to your tattoo appointment unwell, we will not tattoo you, and you will not get your deposit back.


We ask that you shower, put on clean clothes, and come straight to the shop after without any pit stops.

We also ask that you come alone to reduce footfall and exposure in the shop. Our waiting room isn’t currently available for friends, family, lift-givers, etc. for the foreseeable future.

If you want to and are able to take a rapid test before your appointment, please feel free to let us know your test results, but it is definitely not a requirement as tests are limited.  

You will not be permitted to get tattooed if you have travelled in the past 14 days.

As always, the best way to prep for your tattoo is to keep the area well moisturized and out of the sun, and to eat a well-rounded meal before your tattoo.


​Upon arrival, your temperature will be taken. If your temperature is high (99 or above), you will be asked leave and to re-book, and your deposit will be lost.

We will also ask you to wash your hands and disinfect your phone upon entering the shop.

Your mask will be required to stay on correctly at all times in the shop. 

Please keep your distance from other clients and artists during your stay, and let us know if there is anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable.



In the result of exposure in the shop, we notify the Health Department, a case is opened, and a contact-tracing agent is assigned to our case. The agent will contact all parties involved and give you instructions for your next steps, which will most likely include getting tested and quarantining for 10-14 days, whether you develop symptoms or not.


The shop is immediately deep-cleaned with our super potent disinfectants and closed for two days with opening pending artist test results. All potentially exposed artists and clients are immediately notified, and all artists are required to take a COVID-19 test. Appointments will be rescheduled. Artists that were not exposed and maintain no symptoms are allowed to resume work two days after the shop is disinfected. 

Thank you for your cooperation!


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Springdale, Arkansas


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